Your career

At Atlas Virtual Airlines your career starts as a trainee, and as you gain experience you progress up the ladder. 

Flying for AVA means more than just "flying your hours" though: our career path is based upon seniory points aka reward points. You get basic points for each flight, and then extra points for smooth landings, flying on time and earning awards. 

Here is a quick overview of the possible points for each flight: 

  • Basic reward for every approved pirep: 100 points
  • Flying a scheduled flight: 100 points extra
  • Flying a scheduled flight on time: 100 points extra
  • Smooth landings: 1 points for every fpm under -400 feet per minute. eg a landing rate of -100fpm  will get you 300 points. 
  • Bad landings (-600fpm or worse) will result in 2 points per fpm subtracted from your account.
  • Flying regularly: Up to 100 points if you start a flight within 24 hours of finishing the previous one.  eg if you start within 12 hours you get approx 50 points.
  • Flying an unflown schedule: if you are the first to fly a certain scheduled flight, you get 300 points extra.
  • You get extra reward points for earning awards. Points vary from award to award. See here for the full award list. 

Thousands of points for a promotion may look intimidating at first, but for a good flight you can get up to 700 points! Hence, how quicky you climb the career ladder is entirely up to your efforts  The following list is an overview of all ranks and their requirements. 

Epaulette Rank Pay/hour Requirements
Trainee 0 Join Atlas Virtual Airlines
Commercial Pilot (CPL) 10 10 hours plus 1000 points
Air Transport Pilot (ATP) 20 20 hours plus 2500 points
Second Officer 40 40 hours plus 5000 points
Junior First Officer 70 70 hours plus 10.000 points
First Officer 120 120 hours plus 20.000 points
Captain 200 200 hours plus 45.000 points
Senior Captain 240 350 hours plus 80.000 points
Chief pilot 280 1000 hours plus 400.000 points