Aircraft Certificates

In the real world, no pilot gets to fly the "heavy metal" right out of flying school, and many virtual airlines reflect this by tying aircraft to ranks.

Here at Atlas, we have a unique certification system in place, which let's you fly aircraft depending on your flying experience and/or knowledge of the aircraft

There are two ways to achieve a type rating at Atlas:

Method A: Fly in an aircraft you already have a type rating for, and gain reward points for every flight. You get extra points if you make a smooth landing, fly more than once a day, and if you fly scheduled flights. Once you have enough reward points for a certain aircraft type, you can buy a certificate in the rewards store

Method B: Go to the exam center and buy a quiz for the aircraft type you wish to fly. You pay with the virtual euro's you make on every flight. You must answer a series of questions related to the operation of your aircraft, and 75% of your answers must be correct. If you know the aircraft well enough and pass the exam, you can start flying it immediately. 

On signup you get some initial money and reward points, so you can fly a few planes right from the start. Once you work your way up, you can "unlock" the rest of the fleet. 

Please note that we don't have a type rating exam for every aircraft from the beginning, it will take some time to make all of them.